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Fitness is more than being strong, agile or nimble. In order to keep fit, one needs to know their own body and what they can do to help maintain it as well. Our classes in awareness and education are focused to help you understand what it is your body needs in order to keep at its peak. These classes will encourage you to seek out knowledge and make you aware of your body, your fitness, health and wellness. Classes in this program include specialty classes like Diet and Nutrition, cooking classes, fitness assessment and body composition. By keeping a strong healthy body will you be able to more easily reach your fitness goals.

Personal Fitness Training


We offer, fitness counseling, diet and nutritional counseling to help and guide you on your fitness journey. This is a comprehensive body analysis, food journalling and workout plan that works in with MyZone in order to help you monitor your performance.





MyZone® is a monitoring device we utilize to help optimize your fitness routine. A simple strap that goes across your chest will keep real-time information on your heart rate,  time exercised and effort zones for the most optimized workout.  



Diet and Nutrition


A strong and healthy body needs to be complemented with a solid healthy diet. We encourage a healthy nutritional diet and offer classes that will help you under- stand what your body needs and what is necessary to maintain a well-rounded approach to fitness. 

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