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Studio Rates

Here at Jim’s Total Body Fitness, my goal is to help YOU achieve your fitness goals. I do this by offering several different classes throughout the day. I am trained and certified in each respective class.

I offer competitive rates for those not able to meet a regular schedule. With different classes and regimens I offer, I'm sure to have something that fits right for everyone.

In addition to below, we offer an open gym for all members to aid in your personal fitness.

STUDENT RATES (with a valid ID, 18yr or older)

Drop-in (Live Class Only) $8.00/class

Drop-in (Virtual Class Only) $5.00/class


Unlimited Membership $120.00/month

(includes all: Live or Virtual classes,

Fitness Assessment, Body Composition,

and Exercise Program Design)

Limited Membership $100.00/month

(includes all: VIRTUAL CLASSES ONLY,

Fitness Assessment, Body Composition,

and Exercise Program Design)

Student Monthly Membership $60.00

(Valid with student ID.

Access to all Live or Virtual classes)

DROP-IN CLASSES (Member's Guest) 

Drop-in Virtual Class $12.00/class

Drop-in Live Class $15.00/class

UNLIMITED PASS (Live or Virtual)

Unlimited Day Pass $30.00/day

Unlimited Weekly Pass $70.00/week

PUNCH CARDS (good for Live or Virtual Classes)

10 classes/month $100.00

8 classes/month $88.00

6 classes/month $72.00

4 classes/month $56.00


(Please call to schedule an appointment for your Initial Fitness Consultation)

Initial Fitness Consultation

(by appointment only)


Fitness Assessment

Members - $40.00

Non-Members - $50.00

Drop-in Training Session

Members - $40.00

Non-Members - $50.00

4x Training Sessions

Members - $150.00

Non-Members - $200.00

Initial 12x Training Sessions 

(Fitness Assessment Included) 

Members - $350.00

Non-Members - $400.00

Follow-up 12x Training Sessions

Members - $275.00

Non-Members - $300.00

To schedule your initial fitness consultation, please call:

Jim Credo - (928) 606.1435

If this is your first time doing any physical activities, please consult and discuss your intentions with your doctor. Certain exercise programs or workouts may not be suitable or appropriate for all people, please use judgement when performing these exercises. As with any exercise or workout program there's risk involved. By participating in any of our classes, you are assuming all the

risks associated with exercise and exercising.


Our workout may involve running, jumping, marching, lifting, pulling, pushing, turning, bending, squatting, lunging, kneeling and/or any other movements related to physical fitness or activities. If you have any medical and/or physical condition that prohibits you from doing these type movements, please consult your doctor before participating in any of our classes.


Please discuss your medical condition/limitation to the instructor so he/she can make/offer modifications to the exercise.

Please exercise caution when exercising. 


DO NOT do any exercise you are not comfortable doing. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort. DO NOT continue the exercise/workout.

If the pain persists after Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE) please consult your doctor.

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