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The Meaning Behind The Logo
The Circle (sacred hoop, ring) is a symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess and female power. The circle represents the force or the feminine spirit within us. For me, the circle contains our energy that which keeps us whole in mind, body and spirit. If the circle is broken such us if we’re unwell, unfit or not healthy we are prone to injuries, sickness, ill tempered… because the power within us is no longer contained. The energy source that keeps us whole is seeping away, the bigger the gap, the greater the energy lost. Depending on how much energy we lose will depend on how fast we heal be it from the mind, the body or the spirit. The sooner we close the gap and contained our energy the faster we heal.
The Equilateral Triangle also represents unity. There are several interpretations/meaning of the triangle; the mind, the body and the spirit; the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, holy Spirit); The masonic figure of unity; etc.… For me, it represents Wellness, Health, and Fitness. The vertical side represents one aspect (health), the horizontal side another aspect (fitness) and the hypotenuse (wellness) also another aspect; all three sides are equal. Whenever any of the side is week, broken or injured; the remaining sides cannot be strong. The one affects the other sides and has an effect on the other sides. You cannot be well and healthy if you are not FIT, likewise you cannot be well and fit if you are not HEALTHY and you cannot healthy and fit if you are not WELL. All three must be in agreement, balanced and united to keep our body whole.
Colors stimulate our senses, our awareness. Our mind body and spirit reacts to different colors either within our surroundings or within us. Color is not a lifeless, static phenomenon it is constantly changing. Color evokes one reaction in one person and may evoke a different reaction in someone else. Colors have the ability to make us feel or act a certain way it has different effects on our minds; some can cause stress while some can relieve it. It has different effects on our body, it can make us feel strong or it can make us week. We are faced with colors all the time from the time we get up in the morning to the time we sleep even in our dreams. Often times we chose our clothes on the color of the mood we are feeling or how we want to portray our day should be. Colors even affect how we exercise. Many fitness facilities use colors to identify the muscle or muscle groups the machine is supposed to train or the intensity of how we should use that specific equipment. Our brain processes information and send signals to the muscles how intense they should work.

The cool colors; blue, green, turquoise, are seen as calming colors. The warm colors; red, pink, orange, gold, are often seen as exciting colors. Then there are mixed colors such as purple, lavender, green that are often associated with feeling of lukewarm or mixed feeling. And neutral colors; brown, beige, gray, black, tends to have a unifying effect.

The Logo represents a Well, Healthy, Fit body. The outside circle represents our body (the outside shell) as a whole unit. It is supported by the triangle representing the three component of wholeness: fitness, health, and wellness. Contained within the triangle is another circle representing our inner body; our strength; our energy; our center of gravity; our core. The different colors of the rainbow represent the different energy our body emits as it maintains wholeness.

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