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Every place claims they do the best and strive to meet their goals. Instead of us telling you what we can do, here are some of the words written about us by the people that attend our studio.

Have you visited us? Leave us a review! We appreciate it!

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I love Jimmy's. Highly recommend to everyone!


- Sheryl Nelson



Love going to Jimmy's gym... Classes can change your life and the instructors are genuinely caring in guiding you through your fitness journey!!! A must try ... They offer my favorite classes...:)))


- Neecee CR Colton McClellan



I absolutely love working out at Jim's Total Body Fitness because the classes are varied and scheduled to suit anyone. I wanted to take Zumba at least 3 times a week, but couldn't find a place that had good instructors with a good Latino base to the Zumba. I was going somewhere else to work out and Jim was the first instructor I took a Zumba class from. But soon after that, he left and nobody could fill his shoes in my opinion. When I found out he opened his own fitness center, I tried it out and immediately signed up. I am able to get the Zumba Fitness often and strength and conditioning, too. I highly recommend this fitness center if you want to have fun with good instructors and friendly people. I have made many friends in my classes.


- Anne Johnson



Jim's is a great facility and has great classes. People are great!!!


- Fran Algya



It's the best exercise studio in town! Great classes, friendly people, and fabulous instructors!


- Lana Malone



Jimmy never disappoints!! His classes are fun, energetic and never the same. You'll love it here!! Best instructor hands down!!


- Andrea Harrison



I have worked out at Jimmy for almost 4 years. I enjoy the classes that he offers. Personal training is excellent. If it wasn't for the workouts at Jim's Total Body Fitness I would not have of been able to lift my mother in law when she was dying. Jimmy gives me the strength to continue with all my workouts. Thank you Jimmy.


- Kathy Rush



Jimmys Fitness Studio has been the best place for me to help me stay in shape! It has eliminated shots that I normally get every month to now every 3 months! he not only puts together great workouts he cares about your whole wellbeing! We are so fortunate to have Jimmy as a instructor, trainer, and a business owner in Flagstaff! So, if you take your health serious for now and in the future I highly recommend you try the studio! You will not only get into shape you will always have a family there too!!


- Mickey Sandoval


I can't believe how many classes this studio has to offer. Not your typical gym. Just a great atmosphere, run by instructors who are passionate and care to give back to the community. Cheers to a refreshing new gym in Flag!


- Maricel Causer



My name is Becky Maryn. I’ve been working out with Jim since before he opened his studio “Jim’s Total Body Fitness” at 2150 N Fourth St., in 2013.

Maintaining a steady weight was a mystery to me. I was always on a cycle of gaining and loosing weight since the age of 15. I am now 55. Since attending Jim’s classes I have lost 15 lbs. and have maintained that weight loss. I went from a fluxing 145 lbs. to a steady 130 lbs. 

Jim is careful to change the exercises we do with in a class. This prevents the classes from becoming routine. It also prevents muscle memory from taking over, which minimizes the effectiveness of the workout. Jim taught me that.

I was never able to do more than 1 or 2 push ups. I believed it was a physiological problem. Something about the way I was built prevented me from being able to do more. I have attended “Hit the Bag” on a regular basis for over a year and can now do 2 sets of 16 pushups in a row, and probably more!

“On a regular basis” is something else that Jim promotes. If you want results and want to maintain those results, exercising on a regular basis in addition to proper nutrition is essential.

Jim has helped me achieve and maintain my fitness goals. He has listened when I needed an ear, and leant his shoulder if needed to cry. Jim truly embraces the concept of mind, body and spirit.

I no longer say "I can’t do that”. I have a family of friends at Jim’s who accept me as I am and are supportive, always. Jim offers a wide variety of classes, covering the whole range of fitness levels. Working out at Jim’s has improved my life and sense of well being. 


- Becky Maryn

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