For us at Jim's Total Body Fitness, we know that fitness isn't just exercise, eating well and being healthy. Our fitness studio follows four guiding tenets that define what it is we do and teach. Each of our classes and activities can be categorized into one of these four fundamentals. By keeping a well rounded self in each of these can one attain their full fitness potential. It is our goal that we help you attain your fitness goals through these fundamental ideas.

Strength and Conditioning


Exercise takes a different form for different people. Strength training exercises help build muscle mass and maintain lean body tissue in the body. Strength training is important in building organ, muscles, metabolic rates and lean body tissues. Strength training helps keep muscles from withering due to inactivity or weakness in old age. Many researchers believe that weight loss is most effective if it includes a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise.

We offer various classes that combines both aerobic and strength and conditioning exercises classes. These classes are designed to help you burn fat and calories and at the same time improve your overall strength and build muscle mass to help you maintain a lean body.

Below are some classes we offer for strength training.

Bar Strength and Conditioning Workout


A unique workout combining various exercises using the ActivMotion® bar to improve strength and condition the upper body, lower body, core and cardiovascular system. The unique bar makes for a challenging, but effective, workout.


Omniball/RCK360 Workout


A strength and conditioning workout. Utilizing sets of free rolling weighted balls, this workout offers 360-degree movements to help unlock the door to endless exercise possibilities.



Physical Fitness Functional Movement


A circuit-based total body workout focusing on strength building and conditioning, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, balance and flexibility. This is based on individual abilities and is designed to help improve activities of daily living.



Mind and Body Connection

Fitness is more than just getting yourself physically fit. Well rounded fitness includes a solid understanding of yourself and your body, keeping yourself stable and secure both mentally and physically. We help accomplish this by offering several different classes that help focus and clear you mind, relax your body and get your muscles toned and limber.


Mind and Body Connection classes involve exercises that will help you focus and concentrate on the purpose of the exercise. These classes will help you listen to your body and be aware and in tune with what your body can do.




This is a yoga based fitness program that combines functional exercises and high intensity interval training. Less flexibility intensive and more strength and conditioning than regular Yoga. Each 60-minute session is modified to each participant to provide a challenging and well rounded workout.



Relax, Recharge & Restore


An effective class to add to your weekly routine. This class will present you with a mix of practices and experiences using various stretching and massaging tools and techniques to help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, fatigue, inflammation, and also improve your range of motion in your joints.



Awareness and Education

Fitness is more than being strong, agile or nimble. In order to keep fit, one needs to know their own body and what they can do to help maintain it as well. Our classes in awareness and education are focused to help you understand what it is your body needs in order to keep at its peak. These classes will encourage you to seek out knowledge and make you aware of your body, your fitness, health and wellness. Classes in this program include specialty classes like Diet and Nutrition, cooking classes, fitness assessment and body composition. By keeping a strong healthy body will you be able to more easily reach your fitness goals.


Personal Fitness Training


We offer, fitness counseling, diet and nutritional counseling to help and guide you on your fitness journey. This is a comprehensive body analysis, food journalling and workout plan that works in with MyZone in order to help you monitor your performance.





MyZone® is a monitoring device we utilize to help optimize your fitness routine. A simple strap that goes across your chest will keep real-time information on your heart rate,  time exercised and effort zones for the most optimized workout.  



Open Gym


Members can come in and workout on their own outside of classes for individualized training. These sessions allow for appropriate consultations for fitness program development, assessment and direction on your fitness regimen. Available to members only.


Music and Dance

Dance Fitness classes are classes which focuses on cardiovascular endurance in an effort to raise your heart rate. By doing so, we can meet the recommended heart rate guidelines which are designed to help improve the cardiovascular system, body toning and conditioning.


We offer several different classes that utilize Dance Fitness at its core. Every session is a different dance fitness exercise such as Piloxing® SSP, Zumba® Fitness, Line Dancing, etc. each of which are designed to help optimize your fitness workouts in a fun and engaging method. 

Not only is it a good workout that is good for you, but it is a lot of fun at the same time!


Zumba® Fitness


Zumba is a dance based fitness program that incorporates dance moves with fitness elements such as squats, lunges and resistance training to help create a dynamic exciting, effective fitness program. Have fun and dance yourself into shape!



Line Dancing


Line dancing is a low to moderate impact aerobics dance based fitness class. Have fun while improving your cardiovascular system. Line dance steps vary greatly and there are many combinations you can learn. Open to all, beginners to advanced!



Hit the Bag


This is a high energy, high impact cardio kickboxing workout that uses stand alone punching bags to help improve cardiovascular strength, endurance, speed, agility, and hand eye coordination. Boxing gloves are required.



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