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Strength and Conditioning

Exercise takes different form for different people. Strength training exercises help build muscle mass and maintain lean body tissue in the body. Strength training is important in building organ, muscles, metabolic rates and lean body tissues.

Mind and Body Connection

Fitness is more than just getting yourself physically fit. Well rounded fitness includes a solid understanding of yourself and your body, keeping yourself stable and secure both mentally and physically.

Awareness and Education

Fitness is more than being strong, agile or nimble. In order to keep fit, one needs to know their own body and what they can do to help maintain it as well. Our classes in awareness and education are focused to help you understand what it is your body needs in order to keep at its peak.

Music and Dance

Music is a great way to get your body moving. Several of our classes combine both the music element with dance routines and exercise fundamentals. Get your workout in while moving your body! Work your cardiovascular while toning and conditioning yourself. We've several classes where you can dance your way to a better, healthier you!

I can't believe how many classes this studio has to offer. Not your typical gym. Just a great atmosphere, run by instructors who are passionate and care to give back to the community. Cheers to a refreshing new gym in Flag!


- Maricel Causer

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